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What our customers are saying.

Making a home for our customers is a big responsiblity.

Satisfaction is always the goal, not only in our product but in our start-to-finish service.

Looking to purchase an existing home, we realized for the price and how much remodeling would be needed, building became very attractive to us. We took part in the Parade of Homes a few years ago, where we noticed the differences in quality and craftsmanship between the different builders. This is where we met Joe and Berna Vetter, along with their son, Joe, and noticed the impeccable woodwork and the high-quality materials found throughout the home.


When we sat down with Joe learned quickly that their experience and expertise would guide the building process for us, causing our emotions to go from apprehensive to fun and exciting!  Most importantly, they modified an existing floor plan to fit our needs and added in a few external elements to make it “our home.”  They provided us with a timeline and referrals for our selections and always kept us up-to-date on the progress. Joe was very reachable and prompt in responding to any changes being requested.


Since we’ve moved into our new home, family and friends comment on the quality work and how well everything flows from one room to another with the floor plan.  We never hesitate to recommend Joe Vetter Construction.  We love our home!

Happy customer

Joe Vetter Construction made the home building process fun and enjoyable. They were able to answer all questions throughout each stage of the process. They worked with us on the floor plan for our home to make sure it met the specific needs and requirements that we desired. They provided hands-on building experience by making us feel involved and letting us stop by to see the progress. They help reduce stress by providing a list of vendors for supplies and furnishings. They were able to get our house completed within the original timeframe, while still maintaining the quality and precision that was assured. Even after the completion of the building process, JVC has been there for any questions we’ve had on items in our home. When picking out a builder for our home, we had received a lot of approval by friends and family about the work that JVC does – and we are now able to do the same for our friends and family. We highly recommend JVC to others looking to build - it was a wonderful experience!


Lance & Madalyn

Joe Vetter Construction built us a dream home that’s filled with absolutely nothing but top-notch quality from floor to ceiling, and they made the process ridiculously painless.  Prior to moving back home to North Dakota, we spent a day looking at homes for sale in Bismarck, our last stop was at an open house from a newly-finished Joe Vetter Construction home. When you walk into one of their homes after looking at homes done by other builders, the difference is so stark. We didn’t quite love the layout in that first home, so we chose to build, and we couldn’t be happier! Building a home could be a really stressful time, but Joe Vetter Construction made it simple through their friendly, honest, and professional style of doing business.  Joe, Berna, and their son Joe Jr. were easy to get a hold of, kept us in the loop on everything, and even helped guide us with style choices – which was really going above and beyond! It’s obvious to us that every single part of our home is of the highest quality available, and the home was completed on time and within the quoted price (not that we had any doubts!). Every single time we went to meet with anyone involved with our home, from the flooring folks to the appliance store and everyone in between, they always were quick to point out how fantastic Joe Vetter Construction is and how we were going to be very, very happy with our home when it was finished. They couldn’t have been more right! We plan to stay in our home for years, but if we ever need to build another home, we know where our first call will be. We highly recommend Joe Vetter Construction to anyone considering building. You won’t be disappointed.


–Chauncy and Tara

Joe and Berna were both great to work with. Their knowledge and experience made a potentially stressful time enjoyable for us. Berna and Joe always responded quickly whenever we had questions or concerns. If we were going to build another house (which we’re not since we LOVE our new one), we wouldn’t hesitate to work with Joe Vetter Construction again.


- Karen Plum

When looking for a new construction home I was most impressed by Joe Vetter Construction. I have continued to be impressed, and as each year passes I’m certain I made the right decision. Exceptional quality is what comes to mind when asked why I love my home. Joe and Berna were always there for me when I had questions. If I’m ever to build again I would trust Joe Vetter Construction completely.


- Rebecca Lucia

We would like to personally thank Joe Vetter Construction for taking us through a very exciting, yet exhausting, journey of building a new home. Once we met and began the project, everything that we desired in our new home was made a reality. The personal attention that we received from JVC made the process all the more easy. The timetable for completion was met and the cooperation that we received from your contractors was outstanding. On closing day, JVC shared in our pride and joy. After a year in, we continue to receive countless compliments from friends and families. We are glad we chose JVC and love our new home!

Ryan & Raumi

JOE VETTER CONSTRUCTION is the BEST in town! We love our high quality, custom built house. The Vetter's were so professional and helpful from start to finish!  They had taken the time to explain and answer any questions we had along the way. We always felt like we were top priority to them, even while they dealing with multiple customers! If you're looking for a company that will meet your family's needs, than Joe Vetter Construction is the place to be! 

Michelle and Mike

Like most people in this economy, financial security is a must - especially when it comes to building a home. After several years of looking at homes on the market, we decided to invest our time in researching builders and every time the same name and recommendation came up: Joe Vetter Construction. We were at first apprehensive about building because of all the decisions to be made and the unknown of what needed to be done, but we quickly found how easy and pleasant the entire process was through JVc. We appreciated several things in our experience with JVC Incorporated, including their communication with every step in the planning process; what to expect in terms of decisions to be made; the timelines that things would progress on; what was included in our home in terms of standard options and how much certain upgrades, if desired, would cost; and perhaps most importantly what the bottom line would be.

When we signed with JVC, we knew that the appliances and extras would be of good quality. Those things that end up driving up the price through "upgrades" with other builders were included as standard when we met with the Vetters, so we didn't feel as though we were getting over our heads financially or that we had to settle for lower quality than what we wanted in an effort to keep within our budget. There were upgrades available if we wanted, and we were given total flexibility to tailor our options to our taste, but we were able to do all of this within the quoted price, and after being in our home for three years now we are still totally satisfied. With Joe Vetter Construction, we felt as though we were included in the process before, during, and after construction. We highly recommend JVC to others looking to build - it was a wonderful experience!


- Scott and Holly

Joe Vetter Construction was a pleasure to work with. We have had numerous compliments from our family and friends. We want to thank Joe Vetter Construction for giving us the opportunity to own our dream house! We never imagined that building a new house would be so easy. Joe and Berna made this process virtually effortless! Joe and Berna are always approachable, down to earth, and also very open minded about any suggestions we had. Simply stating Joe Vetter Construction did a terrific job on our home. We honestly loved every minute of the process, and we highly recommend them to anyone interested in building.


- Dana and Brock


Joe and Berna are honest, friendly, professional, communicate well, and are up on the latest trends in home building. We were happy as the home was being built by the quality of workmanship, and the friendly people working on our home. Joe kept everything running smooth and made sure the home was completed on time. We highly recommend Joe Vetter Construction. 


- Kyle and Sherry

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